Unlock my FREE Hair Goals Mindset 101 training to help you level up your natural hair journey and get to the growth!

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How To Rock Your Natural Hair Goals, Even Before Your Hair Looks Like You Want It To !

Hey sis,

Let's be honest...

You're tired of trying all the things with your natural hair only to get frustrated...and then regret ALLLLLL the time you wasted (money and energy too).


Well, instead of getting sucked into that vicious cycle gain, just pause for a moment. 

Let's take a deep breath together. *sigh*

It's time to rewrite your hair story and learn to rise above the challenges that have been testing your patience…and CONFIDENCE!

This is your invitation to embrace the triple threat power of planning, patience, and progress for your natural hair journey!


Hair Goals Mindset 101

(Phase I of The Trust The Process Bootcamp™)  

If you've been battling with a love-hate relationship with your hair, this training is for you!

It's time to stop hiding your crown in shame, quit entertaining the temptation to cut off your beautiful locs out of desperation, and put an end to allowing fear to hold you back from making your best hair decision ever

Say goodbye to those days of self-consciously hiding under wigs and weaves (for real this time), and hello to the glowing Black girl that rocks her natural crown unapologetically.


And...it’s okay that you’ve been struggling to "trust the process".

Hair Goals Mindset 101 can help!  

Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn from this 3-day experience that's been packaged up for you:

Bootcamp Day 1: Keeping It Real About Hair Goals

Discover the untold truths about hair freedom and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery

Overcoming the pitfalls of unrealistic expectations from the #1 hair goal mistake

Find out where you are and where you want to be to take your hair goals to the next level

Bootcamp Day 2: Mastering Patience While Rocking Your Faith

Learn the one equation that will change your hair goals and your whole life all at once

What it looks like to fall down and get back up–the struggle bus actually has a destination!--and why it’s just part of the process

Understand the relationship between being patient and being happy

Gain a new tool for triumph to rise up out of fear and insecurity

Bootcamp Day 3: Flourish in Faith, Slay in Beauty

Grow and glow through the three phases of your unique hair journey

Learn the basics of a new approach from my upcoming book: "Locked In Faith"

Embrace three practical principles to propelling you into spiritual transformation

Take a peek into Phase II's Trust the Process Bootcamp™ toolkit

Bootcamp (BONUS) Day 4: More Support for the Road Ahead

Get insider updates on the upcoming book: "Locked In Faith"

Gear up to conquer doubts and fears against your new confidence

Take advantage of new ways to makes shifts in your hair journey for the better

Get access for yourself now, sis.

Your Hair Freedom awaits!

Unlock my FREE Hair Goals Mindset 101 training to help you level up your natural hair journey and get to the growth!